I have a strong educational background in computer science, mathematics, and biomedical engineering. After finishing my PhD in cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (cardiovascular MRI) in 2008, I went on to initialize the Computerized Radiologist (ComRad) project together with Professor Rasmus Larsen from DTU Informatics. The project was financed by The Danish Council for Technology and Innovation. By defining appropriate mathematical models of the human heart, and by implementing MRI acquisition strategies for training these models, I have invented novel motion compensation techniques and fast imaging techniques for cardiovascular MRI that are now being used worldwide. Among these, k-t Principal Component Analysis or k-t PCA currently stands out as one of the most promising techniques for fast dynamic MRI.

Since 2011 I have been employed as assistant professor in Computer Vision and Image Processing at Aarhus School of Engineering, Aarhus University. My specialties are MRI physics, Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Medical Image Reconstruction.

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