Michael Alrøe,
Lektor, Ingeniør


CV Short form:
Michael Alrøe (ma@iha.dk) holds a B.Sc.EE from Engineering College of Aarhus, and a M.Sc.EE from Aarhus University, School of Engineering.
Michael has 14 years of industrial engineering experience from different companies. He started working on electronic warfare systems, followed by aerospace projects on the ARIANE rockets lead by the European Space Agency (ESA), and avionic projects on the AIRBUS civil aeroplanes. Michael has been working world wide in the hydrographic survey industry for seabed mapping. He has been working on a large number of projects worldwide, including diamond mining in Africa and the lifting of the USSR nuclear submarine Kursk. Michael has been holding positions as software engineer, project manager, and vice president with responsibility for R&D activities on both hardware and software, as well as experiences with international sales. Michael has been working at Aarhus School of Engineering since 2003, and is currently teaching the following subjects: Embedded Systems, real time operating systems, C# and C programming languages, Windows Embedded, and Interfacing technologies.

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 Michael Alrøe


·        Indlejrede realtidssystemer

·        Realtidsoperativsystemer

·        Realtidsprogrammering

·        Mikroprocessor programmering (AVR / ARM)

·        Windows .NET / .NET Compact Framework / .NET Micro Framework

·        Windows Embedded

·        Kravspecifikation vha. Use Case teknikken

·        Objektorienteret Analyse og Design med UML

·        Objektorienteret programmering (C++, C#, Java)

·        Arkitektur og Design Patterns (GOF / POSA2)

·        Software Engineering

·        System Engineering






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