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    Ultra-Low-Voltage Analog High-Performance ADC Past Research  
Ultra-Low Voltage and Ultra-Low Power Analog Techniques (2010- ) ...back to top
A 160mV 670nW 8-bit SAR ADC in 0.13m CMOS.
  1st sub-0.2V analog chip.
Die photo, 0.13-m CMOS.
Published in ISSCC-SRP 2012 and CICC 2012.
ISSCC Student Travel Grant Award.
A 0.5V 6b-to-10b speed-resolution scalable SAR ADC.
  0.5V, 6-10b scalable, 3W.
Die photo, 0.13-m CMOS.
This work has been supported by:
  Startup/PhD Grant for Integrated Circuits and Electronics, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, 2012-2016.
  National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2011-2013.
  New Century Excellent Talents Program, Ministry of Education of China, 2010-2013.
High-Speed High-Resolution Analog-to-Digital Converters (2009- ) ...back to top
14-bit 200-MS/s ADC with "less" analog + extensive digital calibration.
  Die photo, 0.13-m CMOS.
1.2V, 380mW.
12-bit 200-MS/s ADC with improved "mostly-analog" approaches.
  Die photo, 0.13-m CMOS.
1.5V, 420mW.
This work has been supported by:
  National Pre-Study Program Fund, 2010-2012.
  National Key Laboratory Fund, 2010-2012.
  National Flagship Program Fund in Science & Technology, 2009-2011.
  National High-Tech Development Program ("863") Fund, 2009-2011.
  Fundamental Research Fund for Central Universities, 2009-2011.
  UESTC Start-up Fund, 2009-2014.
Highly-Flexibile Active-RC Complex Filters (2008-2009) ...back to top
The receive baseband complex filter: 4th-order active-RC, 1.2V, 90nm CMOS.
  Switchable filter type: › Narrow Band: Butterworth BW = 3/7MHz, fc = 4/7MHz
      › Wide Band : Legendre BW = 9/7MHz,fc = 7/7MHz
  Gain adjustment : 0~15 dB (1dB per step).
  IQ Phase and Magnitude imbalance tuning.
  DC offset rejection.
  Layout, 90nm CMOS.
(integrated die N/A)
This design was integrated in a single-chip digital TV tuner in mass production.
Low Voltage Low-Power Mixed-Signal Circuits for Biomedical & MEMS Sensor Interface (2006-2007) ...back to top
A 1V 36W adaptive biomedical interface including IA, BPF, PGA and SAR ADC.
  Die photo, 0.18-m CMOS.
Published in ESSCIRC 2007.
A 0.5V 100W 3-channel instrumentation amplifier with bootstrapped chopping.
  Die photo, 0.18-m CMOS.
This work was supported by the Flagship Program of A-STAR, Singapore.
Ultra-Wideband RF Front-End ICs (2004-2006) ...back to top
High-performance CMOS RF Switches.
  1st 20GHz 30dBm CMOS switch.
Die photo, 0.13-m CMOS.
Published in JSSC 2007.
  1st 28GHz RF switch.
Die photo, 0.13-m CMOS.
Published in MTT 2008.
  16.6GHz RF switch.
Die photo, 0.13-m CMOS.
Published in MTT 2008.
  CMOS RF switches.
Die photo, 0.13-m CMOS.
  6GHz RF switch.
Die photo, 0.18-m CMOS.
Published in TCASII 2006.
  CMOS RF switches.
Die photo, 0.18-m CMOS.
Published in TCASI 2008.
1.5V 79mW 1Gbps chip-rate impulse-radio (pulse based UWB) transceiver blocks.
  Die photo, all blocks, 0.13-m CMOS.
  2-9.6 GHz inductorless LNA.
Die photo, 0.13-m CMOS.
Published in ASSCC 2006 & MTT 2007.
  3-10 GHz pulse generator.
Die photo, 0.13-m CMOS.
Impulse-Radio (Pulse-Based) UWB Transciever Systems (2003-2004) ...back to top
A time-domain method for UWB system design & evaluation was proposed which is among the first several system-level investigations from the point of view of front-end RFIC design. Various antennas, channels and front-end LNAs were evaluated, the UWB for wireless body-area networks and biomedical scenario was also studied. The result was published in TAP 2007, RFMiCAE 2007, VTC 2008, ISIC 2004, etc.
The study in system level and RF IC design was published as the book entitled "Analysis and Design of CMOS Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radio Transceiver" (ISBN: 978-3-8383-6825-2, 2010)
CMOS Pipelined ADCs (2001-2002) ...back to top
A 10-bit 40-MS/s pipelined ADC for 802.11a WLAN.
  My first chip, with QY & XB.
Package photo, 0.35-m CMOS.
This work was supported by the Research & Tranining Programme (RTP) sponsored by the Economic Development Board of Singapore.

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